Character Words


AUGUST - Friendship Being a bucket filler, including others, using kind words, sharing and taking turns with others
SEPTEMBER - Respect Caring about the feelings of others, listen when others speak, thinking good things about others, using kind words
OCTOBER - Problem Solving Being creative, staying calm, brainstorming solutions, determining if it's a big or small problem
NOVEMBER - Compassion Being caring, practicing kindness, seeing things from a different point of view, understanding how someone else is feeling
DECEMBER - Empathy Thinking about how others feel, helping others when they are sad, giving space, speaking positively to others
JANUARY - Work Ethic Working the whole time, having a growth mindset, doing your best, taking challenges, completing work
FEBRUARY - Responsibility Getting started right away, staying on task, participating, focusing, completing work
MARCH - Integrity Taking responsibility, doing the right thing, leading by example, standing up for others, being honest
APRIL - Trust Telling the truth, respecting others' belongings, keeping promises, doing the right thing
MAY - Leadership Inspiring others, making a difference, taking initiative, showing how it's done, doing the right thing
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